The Savings and Credit Cooperatives

     This project is established to motivate saving habit and give knowledge of personal financial management to employees. Also, the Cooperative gives employees who are in need for money with lower rate of interest than any other general banks. There are 2,256 employees who are members of the Cooperative at present and more than 161,000,000 Baht of operating capital. The number of 2,256 employees are now having 1,292 saving accounts amounting total 19,542,972.10 Baht. Since year 2008 up to present, 2,256 employees have been investing in stock saving in the amount of over 130,000,000 Baht while there are 2,735 loan supports in 2017 totaling 97,003,000 Baht. There have been total amount of 26,239 transactions of loan provided to the employees since start till now, valued 613,022,082 Baht in total.