Mr. Chamnong Watanagase

Independent Director / Audit Committee

Member of the Board of Directors since March 25, 2014

Shareholding in the company: 0.02%


      • Com. (1974), Chulalongkorn University
      • MBA, University of Central Missouri, 1982
      • Completed Ph.D. coursework in Political Science and Philosophy, Thammasat University, 2006 (Finished the PhD coursework and quit without pursuing the doctoral dissertation)
      • Proficiency in English (with Merit), National Institute of Development Administration, 1975

Training attended with regard to roles and responsibilities of corporate directors

      • Director Certification Program (DCP) Class 5 (2001), Audit Committee Program, Class 1 (2002), DCP Refresher Course 2/2006, Chartered Director, Class 1 (2007) Thai Institute of Directors (IOD)
      • The Capital Market Academy, Class 6
      • Tactical Training in Hostage Rescues, US Marshal Service, Department of Justice, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA, 1990
      • Marketing Coaching, Tack Training International, London, UK, 1991

Work Experience

      • Chairman of the Audit Committee, Chairman of the Risk Management Committee, Indara Insurance, Plc. (2000-2012)
      • President of the following joint ventured companies with the Siam Commercial Bank, Plc. (1994-1998)
        Siam Commercial Link, Ltd.
      • Science Commercial Link, Ltd., with the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) as 3rd partner
      • SCB Technology, a venture capital of the Siam Commercial Bank, Plc.
      • Founding Manager, Business Advisory Center for SMEs, Kenan Institute Asia Foundation (funded by USAID) (1999-2000)
      • Member of the Executive Committee, Thailand Science Park, the National Science and Technology Development Agency
      • Advisor, the Technical Services Center, Mahidol University (1997)
      • Audit Committee member, John Hancock Life Assurance, Plc. (2000-2006)
      • Cultural Affairs staff, United States Information Agency, US Department of State, Washington, DC (1985-1991)
      • Insurance instructor, School of Management Science, Prince of Songkla University, Haad Yai, Songkla (1980-1982)
      • Manager, the Technical Service Center, Interlife Assurance, Ltd. (1977-1982)
      • Adjunct professor of Linguistics and Philosophy, Graduate School of Humanities, Ram Khamhaeng University (2004-2013)
      • Advisor (Director, 2011-2015) of Thai Investors Association)
      • Director and past president, Rotary Club of Bangkok (chartered in 1927)


      • Other listed companies
        – Chairman of the Audit Committee, member of the Investment Committee, LDC Dental, Plc. (2013-present)
      • Non-listed businesses
        – Chairman of the Audit Committee, member of the Selection & Compensation Committee, Thai Cardif Life Assurance, Plc. (2007-2016)