Mrs. Prapee Sorakraikitikul

Director / Finance & Risk Management Director /Nomination and Remuneration Director

Vice Chairman since November 13, 2014

Shareholding in the company : 1.74%


      • S.C. Accounting Woodberry University Major Accounting, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.

Training attended with regard to roles and responsibilities of corporate directors

      • Director Certificate Program (DCP), Class 17/2002 Thai Institute of Directors (IOD)

Work Experience

      • Director of the Thai Gold Card Importer & Exporter Association
      • Director of the Thai Gem and Jewelry Business Traders Association
      • Director of Businesswoman Committee of the Thai Chamber of Commerce
      • Chairman, Sub Committee on Gems and Jewelry Business of the Thai Chamber of Commerce


      • Other listed companies
        – None –
      • Non-listed businesses
        – Chairman of Board of Pranda Group, 2 companies
        – Director of Pranda Group in 3 companies
        – Board of director of Gem and Jewelry Promotion Foundation
        – Gem and Jewelry Business Development
        Committee of Thailand (GCT)
        – Operation Director of Thai -Vietnam Business Council