Mrs. Sunanta Tiasuwan

Director / Nomination and Remuneration Director

Member of the Board of Directors since June 6, 1990

Shareholding in the company: 0.66%


      • Ordinary National Diploma in Business Studies from Westminster University, England

Training attended with regard to roles and responsibilities of corporate directors

      • Director Certificate Program (DCP), Class 22/2002 Thai Institute of Directors (IOD)
      • Top Executive Program, Capital Market Academy Class 11

Work Experience

      • Vice president of the Listed Companies Association
      • Director of the Listed Companies Association


      • Other listed companies
        – Chairman of Nomination and Remuneration Committee and Audit Committee of Eastern Star Real Estate Public Company Limited
      • Non-listed businesses
        – Chairman of Board of Pranda Group, 1 companies
        – Director of Pranda Group, 7 companies
        – Director of Bridge view Company Limied