Human Resources Development Manager


  1.  HRD (Human Resources Development)
    1.1 Development and Training : Apply the Modern HR, e.g. KPI, Competency, Training roadmap, Career path, Succession planning to effectively support and sustain the organization.
    1.2 Working standard system: direct and control the procedure to achieve the ISO9001, the international labor standard; e.g. SA8000, BSCI, Thai-labor standard, and the foreign customers’ regulations and requirements, in order to smoothly pass the audit process.
    1.3 Building up and maintaining the organizational culture to properly instill the awareness onto the employee’s mindset to adhere to the organizational Core Values.
  2. HRM (Human Resources Management)
    1.1 Recruitment : set up the recruitment strategy, e.g. the recruitment channel, media and the approach to gain the Persons as expected and needed.
    2.2 Direct and control the entire HRM, e.g. the laws and regulations, labor relationship and welfare. Initiate the activities to well connect the relationship between the organization and the employee by focusing on the most satisfaction of the employee.
    2.3 Direct and control the safety in the Factory.


  1. Male only, more than 40 years old.
  2. Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Human Resource Management, Laws or any related field.
  3. Minimum 10 years of professional experience across all HRM & HRD in managerial level.
  4. Good command in English, ability to communicate fluently Eng/Thai.
  5. Knowledge in ISO 9001:2008 and Safety.
  6. Proactive, Strong Leadership, Supportive.