Mr. Prida discussing the topic about ‘Unlearn & Re-Learn Strategies to Build Sustainable Business in Post Covid Era’ via a video conference.

    On Tuesday, June 23, 2020. Mr. Prida Tiasuwan, Board Chairman of Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited was invited to participate in the video conference talk between Thailand and India on the topic of ‘Unlearn & Re-Learn Strategies to Build Sustainable Business in Post Covid Era’. To discuss and exchange opinions about the global perspective on impact of the Coronavirus outbreak which affects the gems and jewelry industry, the revival strategies for sustainable future and the opportunity to re-evaluate their business model as well as communication strategy.

Mr. Prida said that the Covid-19 situation in Thailand affecting people, economy and the jewelry industry can be divided into 2 periods. The first one is covid period, meaning that during the time that we don’t have a vaccine to cure the disease. And post-covid period which means the time when vaccine was successfully developed. During covid period, people are very careful about spending money. Last two months, food and medicine are the most necessary things. At this time, the situation begins to improve since people tend to buy the more expensive products such as jewelry and gold. It can be seen from a crowd of people gathered at gold stores because they see an opportunity to invest in buying gold. He believes that after the invention of the vaccine is finished, everything will return to its original state which may be in the middle of next year. Regarding government measures, he added that we should get our country open soon to increase exports. When they see a good sign, other countries will begin to follow this measure.
He also addressed about business strategy that emphasizes the importance of using technology. As technology is extremely important to the industry and life, people who are able to use technology effectively, will gain more opportunities than others. This conference was organized by The Economic Times – Edge, India.