Mr. Prida had an interview with Manager Newspaper about “sustainable building”

         On Friday, August 21, 2020. Mr. Prida Tiasuwan, Board Chairman of Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited and Co-founder of Global Compact Network Thailand, had an interview with Manager Newspaper talking about the environmental pollution problem which is exacerbated by the current industrial production processes, causing global warming, air pollution and outbreaks of new diseases including the current situation of the coronavirus outbreak.These are just the first effect that start reflecting the degradation of natural resources and environment.However, business operations under the concept of sustainability may increase operating costs. Even so, business operational sustainability is one of the memorization strategy, brand awareness and product accessibility which can build brand equity.
         Therefore, the business sector, which is a core sector, needs to work together to create a balance in investment and create environmental sustainability. Especially for large enterprises or businesses, they are an investment organization which is a major contributor to air pollution. They should be a leader to help driving and taking care of the environment for sustainability. This interview was held at the meeting room, Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited, Bangna-Trad Road.