Mr. Prida attended the opening ceremony of Art for All

On September 4, 2020. Mr. Prida Tiasuwan, Board Chairman of Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited attended the opening ceremony of the 24th Art for All. In this event, Professor Dr.Channarong Pornrungroj, Art for All Foundation President took him a visit to the activity camp. Art for All operates on the principle that physical, emotional or intellectual can be overcome by fostering an environment of mutual care and respect. Art for All encourages young children with disabilities to see beyond their differences and recognize what they have in common. The Foundation achieves this through a range of art-based activities designed to bring out young people’s inherent creativity. These young participants learn how to live with others and gain an appreciation for the value of life and human dignity in order to improve the quality of life in society. This activity camp was held at Art for All Village, Khlongsamwa District, Bangkok