Pranda donated funds to support the activity “Loy Krathong Festival 2020”

On Wednesday, October 28, 2020. Mrs. Sunanta Tiasuwan, Director of Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited, donated 5,000 baht to support Bang Na Youth Center’s activity “Loy Krathong Festival 2020”. Mrs. Sinisa Chaengcharas, Head of Bang Na Youth Center, was a representative receiving donation. This activity was held in order
to carry on Loy Krathong Festival which is a Thai ancient tradition. In this festival, Thai people worship and ask for forgiveness to the goddess of the river called Pra Mae Khongkha. They appreciate the intrinsic value of water which is essential for life. This event was held at the front office, 1st floor, B1 Building, Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited.