Mr. Prida joined the discussion on Responsible Business Practices in the Decade of Action: Marking the 15th Anniversary of Responsible Jewellery Council

On Tuesday, December 15, 2020. Mr. Prida Tiasuwan, Board Chairman of Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited joined the discussion on the key theme of responsibility and resilience, on the occasion of 15th Anniversary of Responsible Jewellery Council.
Mr. Prida said “We found out that women are more important than men in our way of working. They are more productive and loyal to stay with the company. Today, the company has 70% of women employees. We treat everybody equally. In order to obtain our productivity, the company has an academy that training people. We have also developed the culture of working with our heart on craftsmanship. This is our motto. In our organization, we have a kind of relationship where people working together harmonizely because we look upon our product as something that we archive to entertain the world in our beautiful craftsmanship.” He addressed “Since March, Pranda has handled the COVID-19 outbreak. The company has established a committee to control the COVID-19 situation. The most important thing is safety. We have used social distancing measures and focused on cash flow management.”
In the end, Mr. Prida talked about how the company takes care of employees. “We have cabinets to share foods and essential household items to employees. Since we have disabled workers, during this time we really need to look after them closer. So, we established a buddy system in which one or two buddies can help them. We don’t lose any employees during this crisis and it took us only 2 months to recover and get back to the normal situation.”This online webinar event brought together many leading organizations for a panel discussion, joined by esteemed panelists, Griet Cattaert, Head of Labour Rights, United Nations Global Compact, Sangheon Lee, Director of Employment Policy Department, International Labour Organization, Julianne Kippenberg, Associate Director, Children’s Division Human Rights Watch, Nere Emiko, Vice Chairman, Kian Smith Group, Marissa Saretsky, Sustainability Director, Pandora, Prida Tiasuwan, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited, moderated by Dr. Nawal Ait Hocine, Strategic Advisor, RJC.