“PDJ” meeting with investors for the second quarter of 2021.



On September 10, 2021, Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited, presented by Mr. Chanat Sorakraikitikul – Chairman of Finance & Risk Management Committee and Mr. Dusit Chongsutthanamanee, Finance & Risk Management Committee, presented information at the ‘Opportunity Day’ event to present the financial results for the second quarter of 2021 and estimate the overall performance of Pranda Group in 2021.

Overall sales 2021 in production base and distribution base align with budget as production base has order on hand and focus on ‘Affordable fine jewelry’ customer as a key strategic partner which still has demand in the affordable price segment. In distribution base also estimate to achieve budget which mainly come from sales from India that will start local production in September to reduce import goods issue together with release on COVID-19 situation and able to operate business as normal. For retail base, overall sales 2021 estimate to lower than budget by 30% as effected from COVID-19 pandemic during first-half 2021 in Thailand and Vietnam which resulted in government announced lockdown measurement that department stores will be temporarily closed.
However, the company estimate that after COVID-19 situation release, sales in fourth quarter will turn around by focusing on synergy with key partner both department stores and credit cards to acquire new potential customer base, CRM activities to generate sales and developing Omni-Channel sales to service customer all the time. This VDO conference was held at Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited.