Pranda Factory Isolation

During the new wave of the COVID-19 epidemic since April 2021, Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited pays attention to employee health and safety by taking good care of those who are the heart of production. Therefore, Pranda Bangkok established a ‘Factory Isolation’ center at Crystaline Company Limited (CTL) which is an empty area next to the company, the area can accommodate about 95 people (330 square meters). The center had been operated since June to provide shelter for infected employees and their families. There were professional nurses and staff taking care of infected employees at the CTL center to educate patients to care for their health such as taking medications and self-monitoring for COVID-19. The factory isolation center aimed to provide shelter for infected employees in the green group with mild symptoms, as well as those in yellow and red groups with serious symptoms who are waiting to be admitted to general or field hospitals to isolate the infected employees from other people in their households and communities to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The company contributed a ‘Pranda Sharing’ campaign to support infected employees and those who were affected by the COVID-19 epidemic to help us overcome this crisis together.