Pranda received a second dose of COVID-19 vaccination.


At the beginning of September, executive directors, executives, and employees of Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited received a second dose of COVID-19 vaccination under section 33 of the Social Security in Bangkok area, 98% of all employees were fully vaccinated (1,513 employees). The vaccination can boost the immune system against Coronavirus to achieve herd immunity. The COVID-19 vaccines can help prevent further spread. These vaccines do not only reduce the chance of infection, but they also help to mitigate disease severity in case a person becomes infected.

For those who are already fully vaccinated, it is important to note that they should continue to wear face masks, wash your hands regularly, and maintain physical distance while in public spaces to keep yourself and your family safe. The following actions help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The vaccination services were held at Central Bangna and Paradise Park.

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