Pranda announces 2022 Strategic Plan and Budget

On Saturday, 18 December 2021, the Board of Directors and Executives of Pranda Jewelry held a meeting to announce the strategic plan and budget planned for the year 2022. In the coming year, Pranda plans to incorporate the OKR methodology for the purpose of performance evaluation. It will be categorized as;

OKR1: to generate not less than 180 million profit from the business operations. This is broken down in to 3 parts namely,

1) KR1: revenue of not less than 2,400 million Baht, each month not less than 150 million Baht;

2) KR2: 100% of the products delivered on time while delays of over 4 weeks due to internal factors cannot be over 10%;

3) KR3: Profit from business operations not less than 8% while this should not be lower than break-even point in any given month;

and OKR2: to create sustainability for Pranda over 100 years, which is broken down as;

1) KR1: incorporate Teamwork among the staff encouraging corporative and happy working environment together with group responsibility;

2) KR2: take heed in Stakeholder Focus showing understanding and empathy among the people involved with honesty and social responsibility and nurturing this process to ensure positive engagements while considering good quality of life and working environment;

3) KR3: encourage Continuous Improvement through trainings and skill developments to ensure optimum skill sets among the people promoting effective workflows among the team in a consistent manner. Ultimately Teamwork should be treated with the utmost importance ensuring the team to work as one in order to overcome any obstacles and achieve the set goals.

The meeting was held at the Pranda Jewelry office in Bangkok.

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