At Pranda, we work with care. Our way of working from the heart forms the ties of relationships that bond us with our stakeholders. Our products are the results of our devotion to details and our commitment to our business partners and ultimately the consumers. That is why we produce only quality jewelry, which shows our heart and care in every piece.

Mass Craftsmanship

Over the past 40 years, we are the leading manufacturer of fine jewelry at the craftsmanship-level that can be accessible to majority of the people. To create large quantity creative crafts with consistently high quality, we combine our heart with our skills and expertises pioneering the term “Mass Craftsmanship”.

Pranda Process

The important strategy is for our jewelry to deliver the dream to our consumers throughly. We owe our success to the Pranda Process – a unique systematic management style with seven steps to excellence – transforming our business partner’s dream to reality, and most importantly- commercially viable in large quantity.

Our 7 Units Process


Market Intelligence

For more than four decades, we have had extensive studied on marketing including education and knowledge about various trends in the jewelry industry, and consumer behaviors. We believe that acquiring the right market information is the key to our success.


Customer Requirement

We are always ready to listen and understand the requirements from our customers as much as possible, including all the dreams and every desire of our customers.  Aligning our customers dream with our own, we are able to comprehend and conceptualize the product which perfectly meets our customers’ demands.

As dreams are endless, we start at the very beginning after receiving our customer’s dreams and wishes.  Then, attentively develop the products to create maximum satisfaction to the customer in order to make their dreams come true.


Product Development

We take great care and attention in combining the creativity with modern technology that transforms a sketch of our customer dream through complete development procedures in order to ensure that our prototype sample can truly meet the customer’s wish in every detail.


Mastering Prototypes

Mastering Prototype is a significant as starting point in the production process of Pranda before entering the mass production. Our experienced artists work delicately with ‘Master Mold’, and then manufacturing the master “Prototype”


Raw Material Sourcing

The raw material is considered a very important part. Therefore, we find the most excellent raw materials from nature to ensure quality for every piece of work.  As well as continuous search for new materials and components to support our partner’s dream and desire. We work closely with the suppliers to create excellence and beauty to pursue our requirement perfectly.


Mass Production

Over the past 40 years, we are a leading manufacturer of fine jewelry at the craftsmanship-level that can be accessible to most of the people. To create mass quantity of creative crafts with consistent quality, we have pioneered this process which we term as “Mass Craftsmanship”.


Marketing and Distribution

As part of Pranda strategy to deliver integrated solution to our partners, we have established our own subsidiary in key strategic countries. Pranda group of companies and network worldwide provide service solution that is right for our partner – ensuring seamless integration in an efficient process of distributing the products to the market.