1 st Decade (1973 - 1982)

The Establishment of the Foundation

Pranda Group’s business started under the name “Pranda Design” in 1973 exporting uniquely designed jewelry to the United Kingdom, and soon after expanded to other countries in Europe. From early on, Pranda Group has focused on being a quality company by applying the stringent controls on production process and in-house production facility to consistently deliver the high standard products. Towards becoming an innovative company, Pranda Group set up product development center fully dedicated in creating original designs and pioneering differentiated products.

Under this visionary leadership, Pranda Group was able to quickly establish a reputation in the industry, renowned for being a high quality and original design supplier.

2 st Decade (1983 - 1992)

Building the Foundation for Mass Production

After strong establishment of Pranda Group in the first decade, Pranda Group decided to expand its production bases for quality jewelry products that meet economies of scale which brought about the appropriateness of the production cost and product quality. Pranda Group diversified its production risk by setting up production facilities in key locations including Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam with production capacity of over 10 million pieces per annum.

Consequently, Pranda Group has become one of Thailand’s leading jewelry exporters with customer bases spanning in key regions of the world from North America to Europe and Asia.

3 st Decade (1993 - 2002)

Integrating the Value Chain, Establishing Distribution Business

In this era, Pranda Group established its own distribution bases within key targeted countries, namely Pranda North America located in the United States of America, Pranda UK located in the United Kingdom and H. Gringoire located in France.

Pranda Group also established its first retail operation, Prima Gold, primarily focused in Thailand. The expertise gained has later allowed Pranda Group to further develop towards vertically forward integration strategy and become a leading jewelry retailer in the Southeast Asia region.

4 st Decade (2003 - 2012)

Building Up Portfolio of Product Brands

Moving towards becoming the world class jewelry brand company, Pranda Group has continuously focused on marketing its own brands and licensed brands and has established the joint venture agreement to set up Pranda & Kroll located in Germany and Pranda Jewelry Private Limited located in India. Pranda Group and its affiliated companies have jointly developed a portfolio of brands with different identities and positioning to serve each targeted market mainly in Asia, Europe and US.

Pranda Group has continuously and steadily operated 3 core operations including production, distribution and retail of fine jewelry while expanding its business to e-commerce operation to reach a wider range of consumers. Pranda Group has strongly believed that the expertise and competency in its competitive areas would enhance the future growth of the Group.

5 st Decade (2013 - Present)

Identity...the Architecture of Craftsmanship

For more than 40 years of operations, Pranda Group has been emphasizing on producing and delivering the finest jewelry pieces to its world-class clients and partners. Every piece of jewelry has been attentively designed and meticulously crafted to reflect the highest quality and consistency in large quantity.

Until the present time, Pranda Group has been recognized as one of the world’s leading fine jewelry manufacturers and has continued to thrive the mutual growth and success of its valued and long-term partners through its continuing identity “The Architecture of Craftsmanship”.