1st Decade of Craftsmanship (1973 - 1982)

PRANDA GROUP - Architecture of craftsmanship1

Establishment of Foundation

Our foundation establishment started under the name “Pranda Design” in 1973 under the belief in the heart of craftsmanship, firstly exporting jewelry from Thailand to the United Kingdom and later expanding to Europe. We later set up our in-house production facilities under the name “Pranda Jewelry” in Bangkok, Thailand, with our owned design development center to pioneer portfolio of unique collections. Since early, our reputation was quickly established in the industry as Pranda’s name represents high quality original-design jewelry producer.

2nd Decade of Craftsmanship (1983 - 1992)

Original Jewelry Design Company

Gaining acceptance from larger group of clients, we decided to expand our production base from Thailand to Indonesia and Vietnam in order to utilize specialization and economies of scale. Pranda Jewelry was recognized as a leading Thai jewelry exporter who is specialized in fine craftsmanship jewelry with various awards and recognitions. In 1992, we also launched our owned brand, Prima Gold, meticulous handcrafted 24K gold jewelry in 99.9% gold purity which reflects high-leveled expertise of jewelry craftsmanship.

PRANDA GROUP - Architecture of craftsmanship2 

3rd Decade of Craftsmanship (1993 - 2002)

PRANDA GROUP - Architecture of craftsmanship3

International Service Expansion

As the business grew, we have long-term key clients who were  jewelry retailers, TV shopping channels, and department stores in America and Europe. Therefore, in this decade, we established our client service office in USA, UK and France to better serve our key clients and to gain prompt feedback and local market understanding.

4th Decade of Craftsmanship (2003 - 2012)

Synergy from Cooperation and Teamwork

We have participated various jewelry fairs internationally, exchanging ideas with industry experts, accumulating experience and learning new ideas. We set up joint-venture companies in Germany and India focusing on design and marketing capability. Working with top designer brands for decades, synergy was gained from cross-country teamwork in jointly developing portfolio of collections with design innovation, special techniques, and understanding of international viewpoint. Apart from that, we believe in internal teamwork synergy, we have continuously placed priority to our workers quality of life, the main contributor to craftsmanship jewelry creations.

PRANDA GROUP - Architecture of craftsmanship4

5 th Decade of Craftsmanship (2013 - Present)

PRANDA GROUP - Architecture of craftsmanship5

Craftsmanship with Sustainability

Entering our 5th Decade, we proudly called ourselves “The Architecture of Craftsmanship” thanks to our valuable clients who gave us experiences in delivering hundreds of million pieces of fine craftsmanship jewelry upto present. With our Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC)’s endorsement, our ongoing mission is now not just “Craftsmanship” but also to give priority to “Sustainability” practices. We aim to conducting our business with commitment to the whole supply chain responsibility.