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Commitment to Sustainable Practices

      Our sustainability commitment are built upon our core value of stakeholders focus for decades. Adhering to human rights and environment protection, we were the first Thai company that has participated United Nation’s Global Compacts since 2002.

About RJC Membership

      With our shared belief in sustainable business, we put our efforts to ensure responsible sourcing of materials, environmental concerns, protection of human rights, respecting labor rights as well as increasing quality of life of our employee. Adhering to sustainability practices, since 2018, Pranda Jewelry is officially certified as a member of Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC Membership), a landmark standard for responsible jewelry supply chain.


     On making the announcement, Mr. Decha Nuntanajareonkul, Executive Director, on behalf of the Social Management Representative (SMR), for Pranda Group, commented: “The benefits that the company gain from RJC certification is to increase customer confidence in partnering with the Pranda group companies. The RJC is a whole-of-supply-chain standard initiative, and certifies a commitment to the implementation of responsible business practices throughout. Furthermore, Pranda affirms that the RJC has become an essential standard for the international jewellery sector. With this certification Pranda believe it’s a great opportunity to gain more customers worldwide with the accreditation building trust and confidence in the Pranda Group.

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Trust and transparency are our most concern

We committed to ethical sourcing of materials.

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We believe that quality of life of employees would finally contribute to quality of products