Code of Conduct of BoD, Excutive and Staff

1. Self – Conduct

1.1 Perform duties in compliance with laws relating to the operation of business, objectives, the regulation of the Company, the principle of good corporate governance, and the resolution of ordinary meeting of shareholders.

1.2 Pursue knowledge and experience in order to develop oneself as a person with knowledge and capacity for effective and efficient working performance.

1.3 Adhere to moral and do not dishonestly seek for positions, achievement, or interests from the superiors, or any other person.

1.4 Avoid immorality and drugs, and do not behave in the manner that may damage honour and reputation of oneself and the Company, such as do not become a person with huge debts, do not obsess with gambling, and do not involve with drugs.

1.5 Do not engage in work or occupation or any acts that may affect the performance of duty of oneself or the Company.

1.6 Avoid financial commitment with any person having transaction with the Company or between personnel as well as loaning, borrowing money, and soliciting money such as money gambling, except for charity or the public.

1.7 Prohibit the executives and employees to directly or indirectly demand, proceed, or accept the corruption for themselves or their families, friends, and knowing persons.

1.8 Do not perform any acts deemed as management or administration of the Company with the result in the decrease of the Company’s interests or providing such interests to any persons or juristic persons, regardless of themselves or other persons.

1.9 Maintain and establish unity in the teamwork

2. Treatment to Colleagues

2.1 Encourage working as teamwork by providing cooperation and assistance to each other for the interest of the Company overall.

2.2 Treat the colleagues with politeness, kindness, and friendliness; adjust oneself in working with other persons; and disclose necessary information in performing duty to the colleagues.

2.3 Respect others by not claiming the ownership over other persons’ work.

2.4 The superiors will behave themselves for respect and as a good model for all employees as well as presenting politeness to their subordinates and colleagues at all levels.

2.5 The subordinates will treat the superiors with respect.

2.6 The subordinates will accept the superiors’ recommendations and will not perform duties in cross-function against their superiors, except the superiors give such order, as well as presenting politeness to personnel and colleagues at all levels.

2.7 Avoid disclosing or discussing any information or story of other personnel, regarding working performance or personal matters, in the manner that can cause damage to the personnel or the image of the Company overall.

2.8 Do not act against morals or sexual harassment to other personnel in the way that may cause nuisance; discouragement in working environment; be hostility or aggressive person, and may cause disturbance other personnel without any reason such as sexual molestation, obscenity, and harassment by words or actions.

3. Treatment to the Company

3.1 Perform duty with responsibility, integrity, and devotion for the progress and security of the Company and employees.

3.2 Maintain and establish the unity and harmony together for teamwork in order to work together and effectively solve problems as a team.

3.3 Care and perform duty for the Company with dedication, and patience to establish effective and efficient company with reasonable yield, and to develop the Company in accordance with the visions from the directors.

3.4 Utilize the property of the Company effectively and maintain the property not to be in abnormal depreciation or lost, and do not use the Company’s property for personal interests.

3.5 Maintain the confidential information of the Company in the strict manner, and do not disclose news information and production technology of the Company.

3.6 Cooperate and assist other colleagues in working for the interest of the Company, and respect rights of other employee staffs working in the same company.

3.7 Care and do any acts to maintain safe and pleasant working environment.

3.8 Share knowledge and working experience to the colleagues, by sticking with the interest and target of the Company.

3.9 Do not accuse the Company, the executives, and other employee staffs without truth and fair.

3.10 Report to the relevant department and the executives when any illegal or dishonest acts were found.

3.11 Do not use the positioning levels to take dishonest advantage of themselves or other persons; do not perform any acts that may cause damage to the image and reputation of the Company

3.12 Avoid offering, and/or accepting gifts and/or receptions or any interests in the monetary or non-monetary assets from the partners or any persons relevant to the business of the Company, except for the interest of fairly carrying out business; seasonal; and conventional practice in occasionally and properly, and in compliance with laws, regulations, and ethics on the conflict of interests.

3.13 Do not participate in any acts or conceal any acts that may cause the conflict of interests, corruption, or any illegal acts.

3.14 Do not neglect or ignore the apparent or suspicious acts that may relate to corruption, by reporting to the superiors or responsible person or via reporting channels; and provide cooperation in the inquiry of facts as stated in the Company’s regulation.

3.15 Practice any anti-corruption acts.