Corporate Secretary

     The Board of Directors has resolved to appoint Mr. Dusit Chongsutthanamanee as the Corporate Secretary of the Company on December 19, 2008. The Corporate Secretary is appointed to help proceed the business activities of the Company and of the Board of Directors, such as the holding of shareholders’ meeting, and to provide the advice to the Directors or the Company pertaining to compliance with the relevant laws and regulations. The Corporate Secretary is also responsible to ensure the accuracy, completeness, and transparency of the information disclosure of the Company’s Directors and the Company as stipulated in the good corporate governance practices.

Composition and Qualifications

    1. Having basic knowledge of the laws and regulations governed by the governmental supervisory unit with regard to the Public Company Act and the relevant securities and exchange laws.
    2. Having knowledge and understanding in the principles of good corporate governance and best practices of corporate governance.
    3. Having knowledge in the nature of business of the Company, and having strong communication skill.

Roles and responsibilities of Corporate Secretary

    1. To prepare and keep the important documents of the Company as follows:
      [A] The registration of Director.
      [B] Invitation notice to attend the Board of Directors’ meeting, Minutes of the Board of Directors’ meeting, and the Annual Report of the Company.
      [C] Invitation notice to attend the shareholders’ meeting, and Minutes of the shareholders’ meeting.
    2. To collect the report of related transactions submitted by the Directors and the Executives.
    3. To carry out the other tasks as stipulated by the Capital Market Supervisory Board.
    4. To provide the basic advice pertaining to the laws, regulations of the Company to the Directors, and follow up the operation to ensure the compliance with the rules and regulations on regular basis, as well as to report any significant changes to the Board of Directors.
    5. To provide the advice to the Directors of the Company to prepare the transactions of related transactions of the Directors, and to submit the said report to the Chairman of the Board and the Chairman of the Audit Committee.
    6. To prepare the report of important information of the Company and/or summarize the resolutions of the Board of Directors’ meeting so as to later report to the Stock Exchange of Thailand both in Thai and English version.
    7. To prepare the draft of company policies, such as the Corporate Governance Policy, and so on.
    8. To inform the resolutions and policies determined by the meeting of the Board of Directors and of shareholders to the related Executives, as well as monitor the succeeding operations to be in compliance with the resolutions and policies.
    9. To coordinate with the governmental supervisory units such as the Stock Exchange of Thailand, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the Ministry of Commerce.
    10. To communicate with the shareholders in an appropriate manner to enable them to acknowledge the rights of the shareholders, and to receive the information of the Company.
    11. To ensure that the Company and the Board of Directors shall perform their duties in compliance with the laws and regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Stock Exchange of Thailand, and other related laws.
    12. To organize the Office of the Corporate Secretary to be the center of corporate records such as the register of juristic person, the memorandum and articles of association, the register of shareholder, and the other business licenses.
    13. To facilitate the business activities of the Board of Directors.

Mr. Dusit Chongsutthanamanee



Finance & Risk Management Director

Corporate Secretary


48 Year


B.Eng. (Second Class Honor), Mahanakorn University of Technology

MBA in Finance, Kasetsart University

Training attended with regard to roles and responsibilities of corporate directors

Company Secretary Program (CSP) 74/2016, Thailand Institute of Directors (IOD)

Director Accreditation Program (DAP), Class 137/2017, Thai Institute of Directors (IOD)

Work Experience

Financial Advisor, FPM Consultant Company Limited

Lecturer of “Certificate of Business Advisor”, Kasetsart University

Lecturer of “Certificate of Intelligent Investor”, Kasetsart University

Lecturer of “Concise Business Advisor”, FPM Consultant Company Limited

Lecturer of “Concise Intelligent Investor”, FPM Consultant Company Limited


    • Other listed companies
      – Chairman of Audit Committee, DOD Biotech Public Company Limited
      – Chairman of Nomination and Remuneration Committee, DOD Biotech Public Company Limited
    • Non – listed companies
      – Executive Director, Siri Assets Company Limited
      – Director, Kin Author Company Limited

% of Shareholding as of 30 December 2019

– None –