Company's Business

        Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited (“PDJ”) was first established in 1973 previously known as Pranda Design Co., Ltd. Subsequently, Pranda Jewelry Public Company Limited was officially founded on April 27, 1984 and listed its common stocks on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on July 6, 1990. The Company was transformed into a public company on June 3, 1994. At present, the Company has total registered capital for Baht 634.77 million with issued and paid-up capital of Baht 539.026 million. The Company’s headquarter is located at 28 Soi Bangna-Trad 28, Bangna Tai Sub-district, Bangna District, Bangkok 10260.

    The Company’s core business is the production, distribution and retail of fine jewelry. At present, the Company has become the leader of Thailand’s jewelry exports, with expanding its customer base to any key regions: North America to Europe and Asia.

  The Company set the balanced management structure as follows:

1. Production Base

       The implementation of economies of scale in jewel production, which results in production cost of goods suitable for its quality. The Company has diversified its production risk to cover almost all product price range. The Company group has 3 factories situated in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. Pranda has production capacity of 4 million pieces per year, with establishing the design and development center to broadly meet the customer’s need.

2. Distribution Base

      The Company has subsidiaries as distribution base in two countries: the United States and India. The Company has decreased distribution base which did not make profits during 2018-2019. In first quarter of 2018, the subsidiary in Germany was terminated. Additionally, the Company started a plan to minimize the subsidiary in the United Kingdom and France in the second quarter of 2019. The reduction of distribution business scale has led to efficiency in operating expense control. As a result, the Company can continually reduce investment burden and operating loss as well as increase liquidity of the Company.

3. Retail Base

      The Company has subsidiaries having expertise in retail management, including its own retail shops and distribution through business partners covering Asia and Middle East to directly access to jewelry consumers. At present, there are 4 companies in Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam and the UK (E-commerce).

      In the third quarter of 2019, the Company has made a major rebranding of these 3 brands to scope the communication into only one brand “PRIMA”, aiming to be a one-stop destination for fine jewelry with integrated after-sale service that meet the lifestyle of new generations. The accomplishment of strategic launch has led to the continual expansion of retail base, by expanding market to new customers in outlets in Thailand and Vietnam