Vision and Mission


“To be the world’s leading alliance for jewelry industry that enables our valued partners to achieve mutual growth and success.”


      1. Operate business of craftsmanship jewelry by utilizing proficiency to create mass quantity of products with consistent quality
      2. Consciously care for all needs and business opportunities of partners to mutually achieve sustainable success
      3. Provide opportunities, enhance competencies and uplift the quality of life for employees
      4. Act as a representative and a supporter for Thai jewelry industry to thrive on global stage
      5. Be fully committed to stakeholder focus, morality and responsibilities for environment and society at large


    • Growth Strategy
      1. Emphasize on expanding Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) business by utilizing experience and market expertise to create growth opportunities for partners
      2. Grow Original Brand Manufacturing (OBM) business by offering differentiated products that suit partners’ target markets
    • Mass Craftsmanship Strategy
      1. Create culture of working with care, paying attention to every detail by means of mutually held core values
      2. Continuously enhance skill and competencies of personnel to become a part of professional team specializing in each particular field
      3. Increase employees’ happiness by enhancing overall quality of life, which is a key factor that would reflect through the quality of craftsmanship jewelry
      4. Prepare personnel for future business expansion by arranging “Bilateral Education Program” to continuously and systematically develop a great number of skilled craftsmen
    • Retail Business Strategy
      1. Develop trustworthy retail brands in ASEAN market, known for high quality and unique products
      2. Expand market reach to end consumers through a network of owned retail stores and franchises
    • Sustainability Strategy
      1. Allocate resources and operations to achieve the balance of sales in 50% ODM and 50% OBM
      2. Develop efficient financial management system, rigorously comply with strict financial discipline, and improve risk management system within the group
      3. Apply the management principles with respect to social responsibility covering economy, society and environment in participative manners
      4. Strictly adhere to the principles of corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, and the UN Global Compact
      5. Be a learning organization for continuous improvement

Corporate Core Values

      1. Teamwork  –  We devote our hearts to working as a team like we are the same family.
      2. Continuous Improvement – We are proficient, continuously seeking new knowledge and experience to develop ourselves and to come up with new innovations.
      3. Stakeholder Focus – We see the importance of our stakeholders. Therefore, we do care and are responsible for customers, suppliers, colleagues, shareholders, the environment and society at large.