“We always take great care and attention in developing and designing product prototypes to make sure they exactly meet what our customers want.”

Mr. Satawat Pattanaprasertkul

Senior Product Development Executive

“Whatever the raw materials specification is needed; the shapes, colors, clarity or other aspects, it is our commitment to search for and select only the ones that match our customers’ requirements.”

Ms. Montiya pongsopon

Purchasing Manager - Semi-Precious Stones

“We produce each jewelry piece with our heart, with great care and with intention to deliver the best and finest pieces that perfectly aligned with product prototypes.”

Ms.Vilai Patana

Sales & Marketing Department Manager - ODM (Silver)

“We develop and select the right marketing communication and appropriate marketing materials to effectively reach our target audiences in each market preference.”

Mr. Tan Saninjakr

Supervisor - Prototype

“We put our great care in tiny details of each jewelry piece to make sure that every piece is handcrafted as the finest one with consistent quality.”

Ms. Kanokporn Nuchsai

Chief of Prima Gold Production Section

“We put our best efforts and our hearts in our process to make sure that each jewelry piece meets the standard of mass production.”

Mr. Sakda Srianuchart

Korat Factory Manager

“Being creative and updated to upcoming trends is what we need to be, in order to come up with the right materials, right designs and at the right cost to fulfill our customers’ desires.”

Ms. Photchanee Kerdchokechai

Product Development Executive – Costume Jewelry

“As a part of providing services to customers, not only that we deliver the service but we must also offer our customers a great experience when being with us.”

Mr. Luean Mungchoyklang

Chauffeur – Customer Service