At Pranda, every piece we create realizes that inspiration. At every stage of creation, from sketches through prototypes to complete mass craftsmanship,
our expert craftsmen unite decades of caring experience with a deep passion from the heart.

Pranda has been committing to bring success to our partners and care to their customers.
Taking inspiration to perfection of jewelry making, that is Pranda.


What do we make?

Pranda is specialized in developing designs and producing fine jewelry in mass quantity. No matter it is gold, silver, or brass; with natural gemstones or alternative materials; women’s or men’s jewelry; main-stream or heritage style, we serve requirement of clients in various regions globally.

 Browse samples of our craftsmanship: 

How do we make our customers more successful?

We are mass craftsmanship specialist.

Experienced highly-skilled teamwork and certified systematic process ensure every piece of creative craft delivered in consistent quality and expectation.

We work with care and passion.

We commit to understand details and differences. We use our heart and apply our skills to transform our client’s dream to reality.

We innovate and co-engineer.

We create solutions for our customers and with our customers. Constantly improvement of technique and work process bring success mutually.